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K&R 126 Antique German Bisque Head Doll

Antique German bisque head doll made by Kammer & Reinhardt ca. 1914. The doll stands 21.2" (54 cm) tall. Her bisque head is made by Simon & Halbig. Her bisque head is free of damage or repair, no cracks, chips or restoration. The head is marked "K & R Simon & Halbig 126 50". Mold 126, also known as "Mein Lieblingsbaby", this mold was produced from 1914. This doll has blue glass flirty sleep eyes that move side-to-side when her head is tilted. The eyes have a fully operational eyes mechanism and original lid paint. Open mouth with 2 teeth. Old maybe original mohair wig. A wood and composition toddler body in fine condition. There is a functioning voice box in her torso. This lovely girl is dressed in an antique batiste dress with an apron, cotton underclothes. Antique leather shoes and a cute hair ribbon. (2393)

Price: 560$ Item ID: 5960.

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