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Francois Gaultier

Amazing antique French fashion doll made in the late 19th century by Francois Gaultier. The doll stands ca. 14" (36 cm) tall. Her bisque swivel head on bisque shoulderplate is free of damage or repair, no cracks, chips or restoration. The head is unmarked. Very beautiful blue French fixed glass eyes. Closed mouth. Pierced ears with earrings. An old blonde mohair wig with a cork pate is glued to her head. The doll has a leather body that is in good intact condition with no repair. All fingers are present and remain in good condition. This gorgeous lady wears an old outfit, a pale rose silk dress, a beautiful hat with feathers and a veil, a necklace, cotton underwear. Leather shoes. The doll wears fashion lace gloves. They are glued to her hands. (2424)

Price: 1400$ Item ID: 6067.

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