Легко Маме — самая полная детская афиша Красноярска
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Fleischmann & Blodel

Rare antique French bisque head doll made by Fleischmann & Bloedel ca. 1890-1900. This doll is dressed as a Fortune Teller Doll. Fortune teller dolls are rare and a popular collector’s item. They were popular in France in late 19th and early 20th century. Under her skirt the doll wears a second skirt made of bundles of folded paper strips tied around her waist with wire. Each strip has a hand written fortune in French language. The doll stands 16.5" (42 cm) tall. The head is free of damage or repair, no cracks, chips or restoration. The head is marked "2х". Glass fixed eyes. Pierced earlobes with earrings. Open mouth with teeth. French cork pate. Original human hair wig. French wood and composition body in good condition. The doll wears an antique outfit. Leather shoes. A beautiful crown. (1921)




Price: 1620$ Item ID: 5662.

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