5905 Развивающие игрушки для детей

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AM 390 in a Box

Two small lovely dolls made by Armand Marseille in an antique wooden box. Both dolls stand ca. 7" (18 cm) tall. Mohair wigs are glued to the heads. There are no damage or repair, no cracks, chips or restoration to see. Both dolls have glass sleep eyes with fully operational eyes mechanism and open mouth with teeth. Сomposition 5-piece bodies in good condition with molded shoes. The dolls wear old maybe original clothing. The dolls are sewn into the costumes, so I chose not to undress the dolls completely for photographs. The antique wooden box measures: 9.4" x 6.6" x 3 " (24 х 17 х 8 cm). The box with velvet upholstery and a mirror inside.(2316).

Price: 560$ Item ID: 5905.

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